Technology Overview





The Lumicell System is designed to help surgeons see residual cancer cells in the cavity walls in real-time during surgery. The system is in clinical trials and consists of three components:

  • LUM015 is an investigational onco-fluorescent agent that targets the tumor microenvironment and is designed to fluoresce near cancer cells at the tumor margin when activated by proteases.
  • A hand-held, lightweight, single-cell resolution imaging device is designed to fit into the lumpectomy cavity to scan for residual cancer at the margins.
  • Proprietary decision software produces real-time images indicating the potential location of residual cancer. 


The Lumicell System was designed by leading engineers and scientists in partnership with leading breast cancer surgeons to fit seamlessly within the existing surgical workflow.  Lumicell completed a Phase 1 safety study at Duke University Medical Center in the lead indications of breast cancer and sarcoma, and a Phase 2 feasibility study at Massachusetts General Hospital in breast cancer surgery. The company is starting its pivotal study in breast cancer, and is now being clinically evaluated in seven different cancer types, in 17 medical centers across the U.S. More information on Lumicell’s clinical trials can be found here.



CAUTION – New Drug and Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.